Posted by Pär

style='display:none;' will remove the whole row, that's for sure.
What I would like to have is The filed name followed with its value, where the name and value should be visible, but not editable. I´ll import a huge amount of data, and there will not be any new posts added, just changes to the already existing. An example is the first row on the detail view where the ID is exactly like I want it on most of the rows/fields
Posted by Tom

You can display the value of a field with this helper function
Open web/staff/ in a text editor, and put the following line on the top, then the function will be available anywhere inside the web/staff folder.
<?php function getTextValue( $key, $val ){ return $val->attri['value']; } ?>
You can display the value of a field with the following code, assuming the name of the field is 'first_name'
<?php echo $hm->Zb('rs:def:first_name',ZB_CBF,'getTextValue'); ?>
But you still need to keep the hidden input box somewhere in the template.
Without it, you will lose the data when submitted.