Posted by Jason Dion

Hi, I understand that you can specify the code that you want to disable in the templates. Can you tell me specificaly what code I would disable to turn off editing, deleting and adding new entries? Also, is there a way to not return the ID for the address book entry?
Posted by Tom

First off, open web/staff/app/cls_ps_(table-name).inc.php
To disable editing records, find the line
case 'edit_init':
and add "return;" to the end like
case 'edit_init': return;
Do the same for
case 'edit_done':
The result should look like
case 'edit_done': return;
To disable adding records, do the same procedure for the following two lines:
case 'reg_init':
case "reg_done":
To disable deleting records, do the same procedure for the line below:
case 'del_multi':
Now, you disabled the backend code but still there are buttons in the template.
You should remove them from the template, web/staff/tpl.(table-name)
You can also remove IDs from the template.