Posted by Silvio

Hi Tom,

Your script "find-path.php" running from public_html confirms the path I see, from the beginning, with FTP but when I modify the to match it, the simulator returns:

PATH_PRODUCTS_FOLDER does not exist (/home/silvio/public_html/web/home/silvio/products/) [CProductInfoSub]

while the configured path is:
dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/home/silvio/products/' );
Posted by Tom

Please remove dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . The line will be
define( 'PATH_PRODUCTS_FOLDER', '/home/silvio/products/' );
By the way, dirname(__FILE__) returns the physical path to the folder where the config file exists. And dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) returns the path to the parent folder of it. It's an useful trick to specify a path relatively from the path of the config file. If you are specifying an absolute path ( a path from the root of the file system ), you don't need dirname(__FILE__).