Ajax Poll Admin v3.18
Installation Guide

1 Unzipping product zip file

Unzip the product zip file you received onto your Desktop. Find a folder named web.

2 Setting up database configurations

Open web/config/config.db.inc.php in a text editor and find the following lines.

$cfg["db-hostname"] = "Your Hostname Here";
$cfg["db-username"] = "Your Username Here";
$cfg["db-password"] = "Your Password Here";
$cfg["db-database"] = "Your Database Name Here";

Please replace the highlighted texts with your Hostname, Database, Username, and Password.

About Hostname, Database, Username, and Password.
If you have installed any scripts that use MySQL, it may be ultra-easy for you to figure out what those values are. If this is the first time, however, you may be scratching your head or pulling your hair out ( or maybe both? )

Don't feel bad. This step is truely a pitfall that we have all fallen into at least once.

First, slow down. Take your time. All other steps are easy and this is the only step where you need to think a little longer...

To get more information about them, click Hostname, Database, Username, and Password.

Save web/config/config.db.inc.php.

3 Uploading script to your website

Upload the web folder to your web site. You can rename the web folder name to any name you want. In this guide, we assume you keep the folder name intact.

4 Running installation script

Open web/install/index.php in your browser and click Setup button. After finishing the installation script, remove web/install folder to avoid a security risk.

5 Logging into admin panel

Open web/admin/index.php in your browser. This is the admin panel where you can search, view, add, edit, and delete polls. To log in, enter admin and password for the username and password, respectively.