Posted by Maximo Ramos


I applied the the following instructions: in

But it doesn't work, in the search results the 'mailto:' html tag does not get any email address, when I click in any email address I get:


my 'staff/' as the instructions looks like this:

<?php function getTextValue( $key, $val ){ return $val->attri['value']; } ?>
// Address Book Script v1.18 [G110]

..... and so on ...

the line that I modified in staff/ looks like this:

<td style='text-align:left;'><a href="mailto:<?php echo $hm->Zb('rs:def:email',ZB_CBF,'getTextValue'); ?>">Email me!</a></td>

Please, help!!!

One more thing, instead of the "Email me" text in the field, how can I get the regular email underlined, like in many web pages?

Thank you!!!!

Posted by Tom

>I applied the the following instructions:

Hi, try this instead