Posted by Silvio

Hello Tom,

In order to protect the content of "products" folder, I've placed it on the server's root but unfortunately I can't find a working path configuration ( and the web-hosting service provider's technical support said: "Your primary domain will not be able to call on any files outside of the public_html directory".
The only alternate solution I see is to password protect the "products" folder but how could your script automatically manage with the related LogIn?
Posted by Tom


>unfortunately I can't find a working path configuration

You can find the path using this simple php script. Open a text editor and paste the following line:
<?php echo __FILE__; ?>
Save it as, say "find-path.php" and upload it to the root directory (or any directory you want to check the path of ), and open it in your browser. It will show you the physical path of the file.