Fade-In Slideshow v2.14 : Tutorial [2]
Adding slides and uploading pictures

In this tutorial, you will add slides to the slideshow and upload pictures to the slides.

Adding slides and pictures

After submitting the Add New form, you will be taken to the Slides tab shown below:

Slides tab

The slideshow already contains one slide.

The first slide

Let's upload a picture to this slide. Drag and drop a picture to the drop area shown below:

Drop a picture to the drop area

Make sure that the first slide got the picture.

The uploaded picture in the first slide

Click the button on the right side of the slide to add the second slide.

Adding a new slide

The second slide has been added.

The second slide

Like the first uploaded picture, drag and drop a picture to the drop area to add it to the second slide.

Adding a picture to the second slide

Create the third slide and add a picture to it.

Adding the third slide and put a picture in it

Let's save the slideshow now. Click Save.

Click Save

It is a good practice to save your slideshow regularly to prevent loss of your works. In the next tutorial, you will preview the slideshow you created.

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