php Infinite Scroll v2.21

This guide will explain how to install php Infinite Scroll in your website.

1.  Unzipping product zip file

Unzip the product zip file you received onto your Desktop. You will find a folder ais. Upload the folder to your website.

2.  Running installation script

Open ais/install/index.php in your browser. You will see the first page of the installation script, as shown below.

Installation Script

Click Start to start installation process, and then follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

3.  Database Settings

In the database settings page, you will enter your database settings.

Database Settings

Fill out the form and then click Next.

If you need more information about database settings, see Database Settings.
4.  Completing Installation

At the end of the installation wizard, you will see the completion message like shown below.

Installation Completed

The installation is now completed.

Remove the ais/install folder from your website to avoid a security risk.

Click php Infinite Scroll admin panel to open the login page of php Infinite Scroll admin panel.

The initial username and password are admin and password, respectively.