URL shortening script

v2.25  SUMCX-225

pkShortURL is a URL shortening web application designed for sales teams. It's written in PHP with MySQL backend.

In addition to redirecting a short URL to a destination URL, you can also use pkShortURL to redirect a (virtual/non-existing) long URL to a destination URL. Use it to create virtual paths in your website.

( Required PHP version >= 5.2 )

Admin Panel
URL Modifiers
If you frequently modify destination URLs in the same ways, URL modifiers will save a lot of your time. Create a modifer with your own set of rules such as additional GET parameters and URL replacement and then simply apply to any URLs with a few clicks.
For Multiple Users
Multiple users can share a single installation of pkShortURL. Each user has their own workspace and can't access each other's data. So you can safely add a new user account for anyone. Just install one for all your teammates. (Note: Administrators can access any users' data. )
pkShortURL v2.25 Installation Guide
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