v3.07  TAGAX-307

Text Ad Script is a PHP & MySQL application that allows you to put ads ( or any text/html snippets ) on web pages with one line of code. The format of ads is a free-format style. You can put any text and html.

Text Ad Script was created to administrate text/html snippets from a centralized administration area. If you need to display the same snippets over multiple web pages/sites, Text Ad Script will greatly make your life easier.

( Required PHP version >= 5.2 )

Admin Panel
5 Ways to Put Ads/Snippets on Webpages

Every website is different. That's why it's always a good idea to have more than one way to skin a cat! Text Ad Script will give you no less than 5 ways to put an ad on a webpage. We are sure you will find a suitable method for your website!

1 Script Tag
Use a script tag to put an ad on your webpage. It's very simple. All you need to do is just put one line of code on your webpage and the ad shows up! That's it, it's done! Absolutely a no-brainer!
2 PHP Include
If your webpage is a PHP enabled page, you can use PHP Include to put ads. The html code is directly outputted to the page. No encoding is performed, so it's direct and it gives the fastest loading.
3 jQuery
jQuery is ubiquitous and it may be already on your webpage. Then you can load ads through jQuery ajax call. This should be the best choice if you want to further process the html code in javascript before displaying it on the webpage.
4 iframe
The classic method, iframe is available too! Since iframe is the least intrusive to the host pages, it would be an appropriate choice when you have to put an ad on a webpage you don't own.
5 PHP file_get_contents
file_get_contents allows you to receive the html data of an ad in a PHP page. If you need to further process the html on the server side before displaying it, file_get_contents is the best choice. Unlike PHP include, you can receive in a remote website ( a different domain from where Text Ad Script admin panel is installed. )
Built In Cache System
Text Ad Script's built-in, easy-to-use ad cache reduces the database access to nearly zero and greatly speeds up the loading time of ads. Just enable the cache system from the admin panel and the rest is fully automatic! A must feature for a high traffic website. Enjoy the speed!
Ready for Multiple Users
Multiple users can share a single installation of Text Ad Script. Each user has their own workspace and can't access each other's data. So you can safely add a new user account for anyone. Just install one for all your users! (Note: Administrators can access any users' data. )
Text Ad Script v3.07 Installation Guide
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