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Text Ad Script

This is a simple & straight-forward text ad script. This script was originally created to administrate the same copies of text/html in multiple web sites from a centralized administration area. The format of ads is free-format style. You can place any text and html code. If you want to display/administrate the same ads or same text/html snippets over multiple web sites, this script will greatly make your life easier.

Ver 1.05





Installation Guide

You can also enter javascript as well as text & html. For example, the following is a simple javascript that rotates pictures every three seconds.

<img id='ta_pic'/>

// Rotation Interval(msec)
var interval = 3000;

// pic ID
var pic_id = "ta_pic";

// pic URL list
var pics = [

var pic_idx = 0;
var pic_img = document.getElementById(pic_id); 
function rotate_pic(){
	if ( pic_idx == pics.length ) { pic_idx = 0; }
	var src = pics[pic_idx];
	pic_img.setAttribute("src", src); 
	setTimeout( rotate_pic, interval );

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Text Ad Script: E_STRICT Disabled for PHP 5.4

In php 5.4, E_STRICT became part of E_ALL. To prevent the script from showing E_STRICT error in php 5.4, The error reporting settings of the script has been modified. This change will not affect any php versions prior to 5.4.

Quick Feedback to Tom, the developer

If you have any suggestions or find any problems, please leave them as a comment down below. we'd appreciate the feedback!

Email: (Will not appear online)
Posted by Men you this guy !!!!!

just what i needed for my projects for shopping carts at least. you so horror in this dicey codes , makes me wanna jump out of my skin . well thanks. i really appreciate this and the whole lot of ... Read More
Posted by Tom

You are welcome :)
Posted by emre

Hello Tom,
This program will support PHP 5.4?
Posted by Tom

>This program will support PHP 5.4?

I haven't tested it in PHP5.4 but it should work.
Posted by Leon

Thanks for the scripts good material to learn from.
Posted by Tom

You are welcome!
Posted by kazi

hello bro, can i use bootsrap for good output.... yes then how..?
Posted by Tom

>can i use bootsrap for good output?

Well, I can't answer your question because I don't know how you are going to use TextAd in bootstrap. Generally speaking, you can use TextAd in html where you ... Read More
Posted by waseem

Dear sir,

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://iwasisoft.com/web/cn/cn.php?id=1001'></script>

please advice me the link is unable for viewing.....

thanking you
Posted by Tom

Hi John,

> <script type='text/javascript' src='http://iwasisoft.com/web/cn/cn.php?id=1001'></script>
>please advice me the link is unable for viewing.....

When I opened it in my browser, I found ... Read More
Posted by John S.


Great script! Thanks for sharing :)

Is there a way to rotate the ads? I'd like the ads displayed in the right bottom corner of my web page, but go through the ads one by one.

Is this ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Hi John,

>Is there a way to rotate the ads?

Sorry, the script doesn't have the feature, yet.
Posted by smile

sent you email to you email address
Posted by smile

Why isn't this working inside the ad manager? I hope you can help me, when can you add the expiration feature?

Anyway here is my code:


<script language="javascript">
var ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Before getting into the javascript, I would like to point out that you shouldn't put <html>, <head>, <body> tags in the code box. Those tags will mess up hosting pages.
Posted by smile

Thanks for reply Tom.

Another idea is that once expired (if user checks a check box and specifies an image) the script could display another image, this gives more flexibility.

Since I can enter ... Read More
Posted by smile

It would be great if I could specify the expire date YMD format for each add, also is it possible once expired the add would display an overlay text EXPIRED on top of it etc?

Posted by Tom

That's a nice idea!
Posted by Virtual

Perfect!. Thanks to your suggestion the script works perfect for me.
Million thanks! :-)
Posted by Tom

Great! You are welcome! :)
Posted by Virtual

A great script. Only one suggestion: When a banner is disabled appears a sign with red letters that says "Not Found" . Is there any way to disable it?. Because I want to have several alternatives to ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Hi Virtual,

>Is there any way to disable it?.

You can make it blank. Open web/cn/app/lib.inc.php in a text editor. Find the following code.
... Read More
Posted by nur

can you help me?thats for rotates the pictures, i just want to ask,i want rotate image from database..can you teach me how to call from database?
Posted by Tom

Hi, Sorry, Text Ad doesn't store images. what you saw on the page is just an example for running javascript in an ad.
Posted by Emre

Simple and Perfect running. thanks you for free share.
i will wait you improve this script etc: one link multiple advertise(like adsense) :)
Posted by Tom

Hi, Thanks for your suggestion!
Posted by Tiffany

Hi Tom,
I'm implementing your AdFreely Board script- i think it's great, and installation is super simple - thanks for this! I have a question about your Text-Ad Script - does it work in the same ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Hi Tiffany,

> does it work in the same fashion as the AdFreely?

No, the purpose is totally different. Text-Ad Script is a tool for web administrators. It allows you to keep track of html snippets ... Read More
Posted by Ed again

works like a charm using my other hosting acct. The issue is at my end for sure.
Thanks again for your time,
Posted by Tom

All right!
Posted by Ed F

My log files don't show any errors.
Is this the only page that needs to be edited for installation?

I am installing on another web server to see if anything changes. ... Read More
Posted by Tom

>Is this the only page that needs to be edited for >installation?


>I am installing on another web server to see if anything changes.

We'll see!
Posted by Ed F

Thanks for the reply.
All of my other scripts show errors when they occur so they are set to display.
If there were any errors, They would be displayed.
When I view the page source code, there is ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Well, in php.ini, you can define which types of errors should be outputted to browser, so error reporting is not a simple on and off switch.
Posted by Ed Forshaw

I just installed your script without issue but get a blank page when going to staff/index.php. Could this be a file permission issue?
Posted by Tom

Hi Ed,

You got some errors but it was not shown in your browser. The reason why you got a blank page is because your web server is configured not to show error messages in the browser. Most likely, ... Read More
Posted by Silviu

I have not expressed correctly. I wanted to insert javascript code when creating advertisements. but I solved. Now if I insert css code "<style type="text/css">" is loaded in backend/admin panel
Posted by Tom

Posted by Silviu

Hi, I want to use as ads a javascript code, I tryed to create a new add and in edit area I paste the code, but seems that not working. how can I display javascript ads using this Text Ad Script ?
Posted by Tom

Hi, probably you didn't customize image path in the code: