Ajax Poll Admin

v3.18  APADM-318

Ajax Poll Admin is a PHP poll application powered by jQuery and MySQL. You can easily create and configure polls right from the admin panel. No coding is necessary. Just copy and paste a few lines of HTML to your web page for installation. Click Admin Panel Demo to test drive Ajax Poll Admin online.

Admin Panel

( Required PHP version >= 5.2 )

Easy installation: An installation script is included!
Easy integration: Add three lines of code to your web page and your poll shows up!
A single installation allows you to create multiple polls.
Multiple polls with different styles can coexist on a single web page.
Prevent users from voting more than once by IP address and Cookie.
Can allow voters to select multiple options.
Specify starting time to open poll automatically.
Specify ending time to close poll automatically.
Variable-width design: Can expand to the outer container. Fits your page layout easily.
Remembers and highlights the option you voted for.
Can run PHP code in poll templates, which opens up unlimited possibilities!
The following demos are configured to prevent you form voting more than once. To go around the restriction, click "Reset IP & Cookie Block" button. Then you'll be able to vote again. When you put polls on your web page, you should of cource remove the button. It's quite easy to remove it.
Ajax Poll Admin v3.18
Installation Guide

It's very easy to add a poll to your webpage. The admin panel will generate the installation code for you. They are just a few lines. Just copy and pates it to your webpage. The poll will show up instantly.

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