GPL  v1.05  SNTQK-105

AjaxNewsTicker is a PHP & MySQL application that allows you to put news tickers on your webpage with a single line of code.

Just paste a line of code on your webpage and now you have a news ticker on it! You can easily update news articles from the admin panel any time. No coding is required! It's just so easy!

Admin Panel

  Download sample host pages. Check the HTML source code to see how easy it is to add a news ticker!


Multiple users can share a single installation of AjaxNewsTicker. Each user has their own workspace and can't access each other's data. So you can safely add a new user account for anyone. Just install one for all your users.

( Note: Administrators can access any users' data. )

This script requires PHP and MySQL. The minimum required PHP version is 5.2.