User Feedback Archive : December 2016

Posted by Chris

Regards from Switzerland! Thanks for your great application.
Is there a possibility, to display "Checkboxes" as Checkboxes in the search pane?
Currently these items are represented as "selects" ... Read More
Posted by Tom

It's on purpose. As you know, a checkbox has two states:

(1) checked and (2) unchecked.

To search for records, you need three states:

(1) checked, (2) unchecked, and (3) Don't care.

That's why it ... Read More
Posted by Willem

Hi Tom,
Greetings from Holland! Thanks for your script.
I thought I've seen a description how to add extra checkboxes to the frontend. Also how to add these to the Db and search on the checkbox ... Read More
Posted by Tom

Hi, please read this section.
It applies to checkbox too.