Posted by murat

Hello , thank you for the great utilities which you share with people

i installed your addressbook onto an asterisk system based on centos
freepbx also uses mysql so easily i installed on pbx
now im able to write callername on phones after making query from your table
i also try to make a call option when clicked on call button which i added an extra column near the phone number on the search list

only what i couldnt do is i need to get current username too , so that i will be able to send auto dial to that logged in users extension , my call button code is like this now , how can i add username ? my currentusername is 100 in address book as staff username, so its also an extension number.

<td style='text-align:left;'><a href="/dialnumber.php?exten=SIP/(here need addressbook current username)&number=<?php echo $hm->Zb('rs:def:tel'); ?>">Callnow!</a></td>
Posted by Tom


>only what i couldnt do is i need to get current username too

If you mean the username of a user who is currently loggin in
then you can get it with the following code:
$username = $this->sys->AuthSession->GetV( "username" );
You can see an example in web/staff/include/