User Feedback Archive : January 2017

Posted by Silvio

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for your script, very useful!
I've carefully followed your installation instruction and uploaded your "web" folder, keeping his original name, to the root of my domain but ... Read More
Posted by Jan Wiekens

Hello, your script works perfectly!
I have one question.
is it possible to make some fields bigger? I have a field called "note" and that field is very short.
Is it possible to make this lager?
Posted by Tom

Hi, you can format textarea (or any HTML elements) by surrounding with a div or span tag. In the following example, a textarea is surrounded by <span class="my-style"></span>
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Posted by Alex

Hello Tom and Thanks for your script.

I need to edit multiple records same time .
For example i whant to edit the "home zip" field at the same time for 10 customers.

Howe can i do that ?

Thank ... Read More
Posted by Tom

>I need to edit multiple records same time
Sorry, the script does not have the feature.
Posted by Nikita

Good Morning.

I have a little request:

It's possible to impliment Google reCAPTCHA into the login page?
Posted by Tom

Hi, at this moment there isn't a plan to add a capture. If you are getting unfriendly accesses to the login page, you can rename the folder name "staff" to, say "staff2"
Posted by Maximo Ramos

Hello! Great work by the way!!

I followed these instructions but I guess it is outdated or I am doing something wrong:

It sure does make the email address ... Read More
Posted by Tom


>It sure does make the email address clickable but only in edit mode, not in search results mode.
No, the article is not for the search page. For the search page, you need to do the same on ... Read More
Posted by Sergey

Hello dear Tom.
This time my question about this. Can i print random info for random users, like this? ... <?php If ($system-->$isAdmin) { ?>admin info<?php } else if ($system->$isPeter) {?>info for ... Read More
Posted by Tom


First of all, you need to identify the user logging in. This is how to obtain the user id of the user who accessed a page in the staff folder.
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